Someone shouts above the quiet buzz of morning voices, “Quick, head outside! The kids are almost here!” College-age counselors clad in bright T-shirts — some also sporting a trademark hat they wouldn’t be caught dead wearing on campus — scramble out of the dining hall to circle up and pray with their teenage junior counselors. Although it’s the fourth week of camp, no one wants the kids to experience anything but the best. Without the power of the Holy Spirit, this week will be a low-energy letdown.

The buses emerge after ascending the driveway, and kids who have attended our camps in previous years jostle one another, each determined to be the first one out the door. Within moments, every child has passed through a human tunnel formed by the raised arms of staff, counselors, and volunteers. Most faces are covered in ear-to-ear smiles, filled with anticipation of what the next few days will hold. A select few stand off to the side with arms crossed, not convinced this week will be different from any other in inner-city Cincinnati.

Across the yard, counselors shoot knowing glances at each other, the corners of their mouths turning slightly to reveal a subtle grin. They’re exhausted, but they live for this. Their training floods their minds reflexively: “They won’t care what you know until they know you care.” Without saying a word, staff and students quickly disperse to divide and conquer. Some climb onto the stage to lead the Cupid Shuffle for the 283rd time of the summer while others beeline toward the four-foot skeptics, committed to performing whatever silly antics necessary to see their arms unfold.

The counselors understand from personal experience — six weeks ago, they arrived with their own expectations and baggage. But six weeks feels like a lifetime ago. Today, they are serving alongside friends who have become family, desperate to see the kingdom advance. The gospel changes everything.

We invite you to join us at King’s Domain for eight weeks invested in what is truly valuable, God’s Word and people. Consider unplugging and abandoning your normal routine for two months at a summer camp. We truly believe this experience will teach you to rely on the Holy Spirit and to walk intimately with the Lord.

KDSM is for anyone who wants to grow.

Whether you like kids or not, we would love for you to join our team this summer. Most students serve as camp counselors, but we have a variety of additional roles (e.g., photographer, worship leader, lifeguard, videographer, etc.). If you need internship credit, talk to us — we would love to see what we can create to fit your program’s requirements. Get in touch with us at!

*In regard to getting a job, you will serve as a camp counselor for the summer. To receive a salary, you may raise additional funds beyond your support goal. Ask us about this!

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Cincinnati, Ohio


May 25–July 20, 2016