Before we dive into the details, please know this is simply our attempt to anticipate things you might be wondering. We realize your situation may be unique and your questions may not be listed here. Please feel free to contact us at any point in time!



KDSM 2016 is eight weeks long, running from Wednesday, May 25 through Wednesday, July 20.
For eight weeks of housing, meals, and a whole lot more, the cost is $3,000. Our staff will walk you through the entire support-raising process.
Yes! You may raise additional funds beyond the cost of KDSM to take home as a salary. Ask us about this — we’d love to discuss it with you.
All students will work as camp staff at King’s Domain for the summer. For most students, this means serving as a camp counselor. If you’re interested in other possibilities (e.g., photographer, worship leader, lifeguard, videographer, etc.), please let us know! Regardless of your role, your full-time job will be representing Christ to children and youth who need to know our Savior loves them. Get excited! Here’s why we love camp ministry.
Need an internship to graduate? We’ve been able to work with several students to provide internship credit while on KDSM. Past internships have included focuses in accounting, city planning, communications, and multimedia. Please contact us to see if we can work out something with your program of study.
King’s Domain is located in Oregonia, Ohio — about 30 miles north of downtown Cincinnati and five miles outside Lebanon. The property is right in the heart of the Little Miami River valley, so you’ll be constantly surrounded by trees, hills, creeks, trails, and wild animals. We will also make many trips off camp. You’ll get to explore the Cincinnati area both during KDSM activities and in your free time.
King’s Domain is a conference and retreat center with a variety of accommodations. Due to the ever-changing reservations schedule, you will get to experience a variety of lodging options. All of the housing options require a pillow and either twin sheets and blankets or a sleeping bag. That much is certain.


Yes. We request that you coordinate your flights through only the Dayton airport. As summer approaches, you will receive more information about when to book your flights.
Yes, you may drive yourself to KDSM and keep your car on property for the summer. As summer approaches, you will receive more information about when to arrive.
Yes, your parents are allowed to drop you off and pick you up from KDSM. As summer approaches, you will receive more information about when to arrive.
Yes, however you are responsible for coordinating the details. As summer approaches, you will receive more information about when to arrive.
Yes, both Greyhound and Megabus make stops in Cincinnati. As summer approaches, you will receive more details about when to book your tickets.


Weekends will be a mix of planned group activities and free time, perfect for sleeping, exploring, doing laundry, getting ice cream, etc. The planned KDSM activities will include a weekly meeting, which features worship and solid biblical teaching based on our summer theme and may also include evangelism opportunities. In addition, we will attend church locally (see below).
We are blessed to be surrounded by a number of excellent churches. Most students attend Antioch Church of the Y, and we also have great relationships with Rivers Crossing Community Church and Christ’s Church at Mason. You may choose from all churches in the area!
We will send you a thorough packing list in the spring! If you’re enough of a planner to ask this question in the fall, we expect you’ll overpack anyway!
You’ll have free time each weekend to do laundry off-site. Both of Lebanon’s laundromats have change machines, so you can bring either quarters or small bills. At least one accepts credit cards now, and both have free WiFi. If you are driving, feel free to bring laundry detergent. If you are flying, you’ll have enough free time to swing by Walmart or Target.
You will definitely need money to do laundry at the laundromat. You may also want to bring extra money for free time adventures. This is recommended, not required. Typical optional expenses include: eating out, movies, ice cream, Reds tickets, and anything forgotten at home.
Yes, computers are allowed on project, though not required. You will have access to WiFi in your free time. For your sake, all electronics and valuables (except digital cameras) will be collected by staff and stored in a secure area while campers are on property.