King’s Domain exists to reclaim the culture for the kingdom of God.

Purchased in 1993, our 120 acres have been dedicated to the Lord to be used as He leads and directs. Since then, the ministry of King’s Domain has expanded year after year. We feel incredibly privileged to influence the lives of so many people.

Here are some of the ways our team is pursuing our mission.

Summer camps

As you would expect, summer is our busiest season. The Lord continues to transform the hearts of children and teenagers during these weeks. Both on and off our property, we communicate the truth of the gospel through residential and day camp experiences! Over the years, we have seen the impact of camp ministry in the lives of both campers and counselors — which is where you fit.

King’s Domain Summer Mission

Our primary focus during the summer is developing college students. We want to challenge and train young men and women to be Christ by utilizing the partnerships we have developed. Every week looks different, but each is intentionally designed to prepare students for life after King’s Domain and equip them for a lifetime of ministry!

Retreats and outdoor experiences

By partnering with local churches, businesses, and organizations, we host thousands of people on our property throughout the course of the year. Almost every weekend, we are booked with a different group of people. Not everyone knows the Lord personally, but we have the opportunity to show His love to each group. Whether we are leading a team-building experience and paintball or serving them a meal and providing them a place to meet, we get to be ambassadors of Christ!

Local schools

As these partnerships continue to develop, we have been invited to take our ministry from our property to those who cannot afford to come to us. We have been blessed to enter into some of the local public schools and communities of southwest Ohio in order to teach biblical truths — and occasionally share the gospel directly! The Lord continues to open doors!

Mud, Guts & Glory

This might sound crazy, but a five-mile mud obstacle course with more than 30 obstacles weaves its way across our property, reaching every corner of our 120 acres. (Watch this!) Today, obstacle course racing is one of the fastest-growing sports in the country. Since we opened Mud, Guts & Glory in 2013, nearly 2,000 athletes have competed on our course. Also, in late October 2014, we will host the inaugural Obstacle Course Racing World Championships! We continue to be amazed the Lord has chosen to bless us with this mind-blowing opportunity.


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