Bethany G. Davis

Bethany serves as our camp director. She loves seeing people come alive as they discover their unique gifts and helping them communicate honestly about their abilities and limitations. Bethany studied journalism and visual communication at Michigan State University. After interning with Cru at Bowling Green State University, she joined staff in 2013.


Chelsea Rhodes

Chelsea coaches all KDSM students in support-raising and serves the entire staff team selflessly. She loves building relationships and developing people by pointing them toward truth. Chelsea joined staff in 2010 after graduating from West Virginia University with a degree in music education. Chelsea and her husband, Joel, were married in September 2013.


Christine Searfoss

Christine designs unique camp experiences and manages everything related to camp registration. She is passionate about people and loves to invest time helping them go deeper with God. Christine received a dual degree in elementary education and special education from Ball State University in December 2011. She joined staff in the summer of 2012.


Joanna Tan

Joanna joined our staff with many years of camp experience, two of which were invested as a counselor at King’s Domain. She can supply the perfect game or song for any situation. Currently, Joanna leads our Momentum program for teenagers, as well as our day camps. She graduated from the University of Massachusetts Amherst in 2014 with a degree in Psychology.


Lauren Miller

Lauren serves as our camp director and writes all of our curriculum. She is passionate about teaching and sharing the gospel. She also loves building into and developing people, especially children and college students. Lauren studied elementary education at Indiana University and joined staff in 2013 after interning with Cru at her alma mater.


Leeann Willis

Leeann serves as our ministry coordinator and KDSM director. On staff since 2006, she now oversees our team and all of King’s Domain‘s diverse ministry opportunities. Leeann gets fired up about people learning and applying the truth of God’s Word. Leeann married Marty in 2011, and their adorable son, Benjamin, was born in January 2015.


Micah Steele

Micah is our experiential learning coordinator. He is passionate about taking what some may call an activity and transforming it into a life-changing experience. If something requires a waiver, he likely leads it! One of the team’s veterans, Micah joined staff in 2005. He is married to Missy, and they have four children: Josiah, Emma, Lydia, and Levi.


Wendel Deyo

Wendel is our president and KDSM director. Previously, he served as Cru staff for 32 years, including 11 as president of Athletes in Action. Today, Wendel leads King’s Domain by prayerfully casting vision for the ministry at large. He and Cindy have been married since 1970 and love nothing more than investing in their three children and 11 grandchildren.