Why did you decide to come to King’s Domain?

I wanted something challenging and something I’d be uncomfortable with. I knew I would definitely feel uncomfortable living in a new place with people I’d never met! I also really wanted to work with children.

Why did you want to work with children?

Children are the hope for our society and our world. You are investing in future generations! If we want a better future we need to invest in children.

Funniest camper story?

Crud wars was awesome because I got to give campers oatmeal hugs! (Crud wars is a unique camp game which is a hybrid mix between a water balloon fight and a food fight.)

Funniest camp stories or moments?

The counselors made a parody music video in our free time, that was lots of fun! (We turned Taylor Swift’s “Welcome to NY” into “Welcome to KD”.) Family flood day was crazy! It rained so hard that we had new pools and a tributary system! Amidst the craziness, somehow it was a really fun day! Walking to Kentucky from Cincinnati on the Purple People Bridge was also a really memorable experience.

What has been one of the hardest things about camp life and why?

The hardest thing about camp life is constantly pouring yourself into other people. You can be drained very quickly if you don’t rely on God. You have to find the balance between pouring into other people and going to the source yourself. It’s a really rewarding experience. It teaches you that you’re capable of things with God you never thought you could do before because before you were only thinking of what you could do on your own.

How have the staff helped you?

The staff here are very honest and they make you feel really comfortable opening up about your struggles. Their willingness to listen makes you want to open up.

What is it like working with the other college students? What is the environment like?

There’s a community here that I’ve never experienced before. The strength of the community here is surreal. I didn’t think that community like this could happen. You form bonds here that are so different and unique, it’s like nothing else. You go from not knowing these people at all to crying just thinking about leaving them.

How have you grown since the beginning of the summer?

The girl at the end of the KDSM wouldn’t even recognize the girl who walked through the door on the first day. I’ve had to confront a lot of things in my life since then and I’ve changed a lot. I feel a deeper passion and love for people than I ever thought I would have. I feel so much more open and closer to God and I feel so much more passionate about ministering to children.

How has your walk with God changed?

I’ve learned that I’m a bit of a controlling person, and I need to give up control in order to walk on his path. I knew I needed God, but I didn’t actually know who Christ was. Growing up I was always a cultural Christian, but now I see God as my friend and I’m in a relationship with him. I can talk with him. God is someone who loves me and doesn’t just want to impose rules on my life.

What is unique about KD?

It’s so unique compared to other Summer Missions with Cru because you are actively working with the next generation of people who will be in the Christian movement. You can see the direct impact of kids coming to Christ and the light coming in their eyes when they hear the gospel. You form a bond with the campers and counselors that is so unique because of the craziness of camp.

What will you take away from this summer?

My take away is that Christ is sovereign over every situation in my life. To love him is to love others because we are made in Christ’s image. It’s also important to be transparent with yourself, others, and Christ. To be transparent with Christ is to open yourself up to a true and honest relationship with him.

Would you recommend this experience to other people? Why?

Yes, because King’s Domain forces you to grow. You can’t come here and not be changed from it. You have to grow spiritually and as a human being. You will be challenged in ways you never have before and be surrounded by a community that also helps you to grow.

Amanda Bowman


Eastern Kentucky University

Graduation year

Spring 2018


History Teaching