Why did you decide to come to King’s Domain?

I felt like God was calling me to go on Summer Mission and I wanted to do one with more of a missions focus. I didn’t want to go and just work on myself. I heard about King’s Domain from Cassidy Butler, who had come on project at KD last year, and I loved the idea of being able to help people and grow closer to God. I also wanted to work with kids.

Why did you want to work with children?

I wanted to work with kids because my younger sister is adopted, and she used to act out due to her difficult background. I thought I could bring something to the team because I have more patience and I’m not intimidated by the thought of spending a lot of time with kids. It is also good practice in sharing the gospel in a simple way.

Funniest camp stories/ moments?

When Carlie told scary stories! They weren’t scary at all but they were the funniest stories I’ve ever heard! I’ve never laughed so much in my life. Everyone here makes me laugh so much.

What has been one of the best things about camp life and why?

The other counselors and the support they give me is amazing. I love having a community of believers who want to grow in Christ together. They don’t want to lead me the way the World is going. They push me to pursue God more and it’s cool to be surrounded by people who are following God.

What has been one of the hardest things about camp life and why?

Having to be with the kids 24/7 is hard. You have to maintain responsibility all the time. You can’t say, “I’m tired and I don’t want to take you to the bathroom at 3 am.” You just have to deal with it.

How has the staff helped you at KD?

Hearing my discipler’s experiences and learning so much from her has been amazing. The staff members are real about their lives and they don’t try to be perfect. I feel better about my struggles after hearing them share and be open about theirs.

What is it like working with the other college students? What is the environment like?

It’s helpful to be able to talk with people your own age after you’ve been talking with children so much. There is occasional drama, which can be expected in a group this large, but everyone works against this and wants to grow and improve. People try to be aware of their flaws and fix them and most importantly they want to love on people.

What is unique about King’s Domain and your experience here?

The people are unique. I believe that everyone working here has been called to be here by God. We aren’t making money, so we have to love what we’re doing. We’re all here for the same reason — to tell other people about God. We’re not focused on ourselves as much as other people. I haven’t experienced that anywhere else.

How has your walk with God changed?

It’s a process and I’m still learning how to grow, but I want to spend more time with God. I miss spending time with Him when I don’t! I feel like my prayer life has grown a lot too. I’ve learned to share my faith in a way that makes sense to to others. I’ve also learned that being comfortable in my faith isn’t worth it — I don’t want to stay stagnant. I’ve realized how important my relationship with God is, He is the only thing that matters in my life, the only thing that counts.

What will you take away from this summer?

I’ve learned not to hide the light that’s inside of me. I have to keep moving forward in faith! Since I’ve been given a gift I need to share it, because without God there’s no reason to be here.

What are some important aspects you’ve learned about yourself at KD?

I’ve learned more about my personality type and how God uniquely designed me. I’ve learned God can use me in my weaknesses. I don’t have to know everything, He will use me in spite of my faults.

Would you recommend this experience to other people? Why?

Yes! It will change your life and it will change other people’s lives. If you want to just sit around that’s fine, but everyone seems to be looking for something more and wants to grow. That will happen here.

Ansley Bricker


Boise State University

Graduation year

Spring 2018


French Secondary Education