Why did you decide to come to King’s Domain?

I wanted to be intentional about my summer. I didn’t want to just work a job where I wasn’t growing spiritually. I wanted to be in an environment with like-minded people who could help me grow.

Why did you want to work with children?

Kids have an innocence about them that I really like. Last summer I worked with older kids so this year I liked the idea of working with younger kids. I was looking forward to encouraging them and to speaking truth into them.

Funniest camp moment?

When Stephanie hung her hammock in the dorm and it fell! That was super funny!

Where is your favorite place to go off camp and why?

Speedway for sure because club chill is there (slushies)!

What has been one of the best things about camp life and why?

Seeing the girls who don’t know each other at the beginning of the week become super close. So close that it’s hard for them to say goodbye at the end of the week. That has been so cool to see. Also, when they start asking more questions about God throughout the week it’s awesome to be able to tell them truths about God.

What has been one of the hardest things about camp life and why?

Having girls who don’t want to go home at the end of the week because life at camp is better than life at home has been very difficult. Your heart breaks for these kids coming from such broken homes in really rough places.

How have the KD staff helped you?

It is helpful to know that we can always go to them with questions. They are so encouraging. They are really good at reading how people are feeling and they’re super honest about their own lives and struggles.

What is it like working with the other college students? What is the environment like?

The environment is awesome! It’s laidback where we can joke around, but you can also have a serious conversation with anyone. You are surrounded by people who so clearly love God and love each other really well.

How have you grown from the beginning of the summer until now?

I’ve become more open about talking about my own life and struggles. I am more confident in talking about the hard questions. I’ve realized I’m weak and when I try to do things on my own strength I can’t do it half as well as when I’m relying on God and getting his strength. I’ve developed a greater desire to learn about God and get into the word instead of just reading the Bible because I feel I should.

In your experience, what is most unique about King’s Domain?

It’s not all just about the facilities and the things we have at camp, it’s simpler and more important than that. God is the real focus, it’s not a smoke and mirror show.

What will you take away from this summer?

Learning how to open up and take down the wall of trying to be perfect has been a big part of this summer for me. I want people to be real with me, but I’ve learned sometimes I have to be the first one to do it. I have learned to be intentional with my friendships, my walk with God, and what I want out of life. I am humbling myself and realizing I can’t do it all on my own, and I can ask for help from other people and God. I’ve realized how weak I am on my own and that I need God’s grace every single day! I’ve also learned more about the gifts God has blessed me with and how I can use them for Him.

Would you recommend this experience to other people? Why?

Yes because you get to pour into other people, but you also get poured into yourself. You are put in hard situations where you really have to rely on God. You get to feel loved and learn about God, and it’s just fun being at camp all summer!

Calli McGrath


Bethel College

Graduation year

Spring 2017


Sports Ministry