Favorite camp food?

Pancakes with ice cream on every Friday morning! Who doesn’t like ice cream on their pancakes?

How did you decide to go on KDSM?

I had always wanted to go on KDSM. Thanks to serving as a junior counselor at KD with my youth group during middle school and high school, my heart had been at camp for years. One day, I decided I didn’t want to spend another summer going through the motions, so I figured it would be a great time to finally spend an extended period of time at camp!

What did you learn by raising support?

What a process. Although I got discouraged occasionally when weeks passed without any donations, it was glorious when a gift would come through! God provides, and it is so beautiful when He takes you on a journey to prove that to you.

Why invest a summer serving at a camp?

Being a camp counselor has forever changed my life! God used the experience to teach me so many things, especially patience. I’ve learned to hear people out, rather than simply jumping to conclusions. I’ve been home for only two months, and this growth has already transformed so many of my relationships! It worked!

Talk to us about community.

I love my camp family! That’s really what we have become. The friends I made this summer will be a part of my life forever! We still talk pretty much every day, and I don’t foresee that stopping anytime soon. I recently made a scrapbook of my summer, and I left some blank pages in the back so I can add pictures from all of our weddings and reunions and everything. It’s going to be so cute! Yay!

How have you seen yourself change because of KDSM?

This summer, I was wrecked by God. My life has been changed by the depth and clarity with which I was reminded of how badly I need a Savior. I was most challenged by discipleship as I was asked to share the not-so-flashy things about myself. However, it was through this process that I truly recognized my state without a Savior. I’m eternally grateful.

How has your relationship with God changed?

Being surrounded by Him and His beauty and His people consistently for so long deepened my love for Christ more and more each day.

Can you summarize your KD experience?

Oh dear goodness, there is too much to say! Maybe I’ll write a poem…

Counseling children is what I did.
Amplified was my love for Christ.
Making lifelong friends was fun.
Perfect summer is what it was.

Would you recommend KDSM?

Yes! In all seriousness, pray about coming to camp! It was the best decision I have ever made. The amount of growth I have experienced because of this summer is undeniable, and I would not change it for the world. I cannot describe to you the impact that spending an entire summer with other people chasing after Christ can have on your life! Give it a chance with prayer — trust me!

Carlie Fahrnbach


University of Dayton

Graduation year

Spring 2016


Intervention Specialist (Special Education)