Favorite meal at camp + why?

Pancakes and ice cream. Ice cream is awesome, and anything else with it is an added bonus.

How did you decide to go on KDSM?

Leeann spoke at our weekly Cru meeting about King’s Domain. Although I wasn’t really considering Summer Missions with Cru, the kids who would be at KD came from an environment similar to the one in which I grew up. Ultimately, when I considered these kids and the hope Christ and His commitment provided me, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to live out that love in these kids’ lives. I longed for them to have the hope to overcome the obstacles they face every day.

What did you learn by raising support?

Support-raising was certainly challenging. It is common to hear people talk about how God provided during this process, which was true for me, but in a different way. Both of my years, I came up roughly $1,000 short. Each year, it turned out that I had enough money left over after paying all my school expenses, which I felt was God’s way of providing for the difference. For me, it verified that God provides… God always provides, but sometimes it takes looking at things from a different perspective to recognize this.

How did the teaching during KDSM impact and equip you?

Upon returning to campus and in the workforce after graduation, I have been able to apply everything I learned. The training in active listening, detailed analysis of the Bible, and intentional interactions are skills were especially applicable during campus outreach, Bible Studies, and discipleship opportunities. In my current job, I interact with the public multiple times on a daily basis. The conversational skills honed in these training sessions have been invaluable to my ability to serve the citizens of my locality in my profession. Additionally, I have been able to utilize these skills and experiences during my interactions with coworkers and associates as I perform the duties of my position.

Talk to us about community.

The students come together to form a community that loves and supports each other. During my second year, we were intentional in bringing the men together weekly to strengthen this community. Although I may not keep in touch with every guy from these years, when together, it seems we are able to pick up from where we left off. Secondly, the staff itself is a community, and each member supports one another. Through this, they provide an example for the students and collaborate as they build into us. Lastly, you also see community develop within your cabin. As the week goes on, the kids grow with each other and provide amazing displays of love and selflessness.

How have you seen yourself change because of KDSM?

The initial personality assessments helped me identify the intricacies of my personality, which revealed how I could serve others, how I needed others, and how sin could manifest in my life. These strengths and weaknesses were magnified in my time with the kids and fellow counselors. I was challenged to reevaluate the way I would normally react in certain scenarios as I faced head-on many of my own sinful tendencies. In almost every situation I’ve encountered since then, I can point back to moments of learning during KDSM.

How has your relationship with God changed?

KDSM continued to solidify my relationship with God and, specifically, verified my calling to go into the workforce as an Urban Planner. Through the combination of discussions with fellow students and the KD staff encouraging me to utilize my career-based skills at camp, I began to notice the way God had created me uniquely to fulfill His calling on my life. The staff, from top to bottom, were so supportive of this calling that they provided me with multiple opportunities (both during and after KDSM) to utilize my knowledge and skills to gain experience while building upon the vision for King’s Domain.

Can you summarize your KD experience?

My time on KDSM was an incredible opportunity that not only allowed me to serve and love kids that meant a lot to me, but also provided me with knowledge and experiences that I can utilize throughout my lifetime. KDSM helped to further equip me for on-campus ministry as well as my current career. I was very fortunate to have the opportunity to be a part of KDSP for two years and it would be difficult to find another opportunity that provides comparable lifelong benefits.

Why should someone consider KDSM?

KDSM truly is a unique experience that cannot be replicated but is available to anyone willing to take a step of faith. Through King’s Domain’s numerous affiliations, you will be given the opportunity for personal development from a variety of sources that apply to your time on campus and every post-graduation calling. It only requires you to say “yes” and have faith (even if it’s just that of a mustard seed), trusting that God is who He says He is and will do what He says He’ll do.

Any last words?

If anyone has hesitations about going on KDSM due to considerations of a summer job, internship, or other college-/career-related opportunities, I would encourage him/her to apply and specify his/her interest in integrating his/her career pursuits in their KDSM experience. The staff have always been accommodating in finding a place for a student’s college pursuits to fit in during the summer at KD.

Sean McNash


Planner I, Gloucester County, Virginia


The Ohio State University

Graduation year

B.S. 2012, M.S. 2013


City and Regional Planning