Why did you decide to come to King’s Domain?

I was a camp counselor last summer and I loved the camp atmosphere. When I was at IndyCC I saw the King’s Domain booth there. I had always wanted to do a summer mission with Cru and when I found out I could do a summer mission and work at camp it seemed like the perfect fit. I pretty much decided then and there that I wanted to go to King’s Domain.

Why did you want to work with children?

I’ve wanted to be a teacher since I was 3 and I’ve babysat all the time growing up. I’ve always wanted to work with children. It is a desire God has placed in my heart.

Where is your favorite place to go off camp?

Whit’s! Whits is my favorite because their frozen custard is yummy and it’s a different flavor every time. Usually I would get the same thing from the same place every time but Whit’s makes me try different flavors. (Just like how camp makes me try different things and step out of my comfort zone. It’s always worth it!)

What has been one of the best things about camp life?

I love being completely surrounded by people who are running after the Lord. Camp atmosphere is so unique. You are completely immersed in the gospel and with people who feel the same way about the gospel. You struggle through important issues with people who can hold you accountable and be there for you.

How have the King’s Domain staff helped you?

How haven’t they? They are so helpful! If I have any questions about approaching a situation or answering questions about issues in the Bible they are there for me. They give me lots of hugs, which is my love language. They create an environment where I feel comfortable to share and be open.

What is it like working with the other college students? What is the environment like?

I love it! It’s so cool to meet people from all over the country. We have people from California, Texas, North Carolina, and Michigan! We’re able to make friends you wouldn’t have met otherwise and share so many amazing experiences. When you live together you share everything, which is awesome.

How have you grown since the beginning of the summer?

I’ve become more confident in myself, I’ve become better at interacting with people who have very different personalities from mine and I’ve learned how to enter into conflict with others, which I’ve learned is sometimes necessary. Also, this summer I’ve connected the dots that if I have to learn things about people who I want to be in relationships with then I need to do the same with God if I want to know him more. So now I’m building my relationship with Him.

In your experience, what is most unique about King’s Domain?

King’s Domain is so relational and relationship centered, which I think is awesome. It’s also Christ centered. It’s more about building relationships with the kids, staff, project students, and Christ. That’s how you share the gospel effectively.

What will you take away from this summer?

I will take away a knowledge and hope for the type of environment where I want to work and spend the rest of my life in. I want to work at a Christian camp. I’ll take away some really good relationships with new friends and many memories of laughs with kids. It has been amazing to watch kids grow in their walk with Christ, that would be enough of a takeaway in itself.

What have you learned about yourself this summer?

I’ve learned to be vulnerable and that I don’t have to fix everything myself. I’ve learned how to rely on God. I’m not going to be able to make everyone happy, that is not my job. It’s my job to show God’s light to the world, but not everyone is going to accept that, and that’s okay.

Would you recommend this experience to other people?

Yes, best summer of my life so far! It’s an amazing place to get away from all the craziness of the world and grow your relationship with God. You get to build so many relationships with others, pour into the children, and it’s so rewarding and heart fulfilling to be here.

Stephanie Gillespie


Eastern Michigan University

Graduation year

Spring 2017


Therapeutic Recreation