Favorite camp food?

My favorite meal would be tacos, though I know many past KDSM students would disagree with me.

How did you decide to go on KDSM?

I made the decision to come in 2013 after seeing a flyer at our winter conference. The rest was pretty much history. In 2014, I made the decision to come back to King’s Domain as a photographer and tech guy. Though working directly with kids in camp ministry wasn’t my calling, it was a blessing to be able to further the mission of King’s Domain using my own unique gifts.

What did you learn by raising support?

Raising support was brutal, but it was a great opportunity to see God work and make everything come together. Let me just say that if God has truly called you, the support will come in — but don’t feel entitled to an easy experience.

Talk to us about community.

The thing about being on a mission trip, especially one for which you’ve raised support, is that everyone is there for the right reasons. Everyone loved Jesus, and everyone encouraged everyone else in their own relationship with Jesus. We all shared a common goal: to bring the gospel to the kids who came to camp that summer. Needless to say, we all became very, very close.

How have you seen yourself change because of KDSM?

I feel I have a better understanding of my identity in Christ coming back from this summer. I know my gifts, regardless of how irrelevant they seem, can be used to serve God and further His kingdom.

Why should someone go on KDSM?

You will be surrounded by a great community who loves Jesus. You will be stretched beyond your limits and forced to lean on God’s power. You will learn more about yourself as a leader, a servant, and a team member. If God has called you to KDSM, you will not regret following Him here.

Trey McDeane


Capital University

Graduation year

Spring 2016


Computer Science