Why did you decide to come to King’s Domain?

King’s Domain had the things that I was looking for in a Cru Summer Mission. It was stateside, I knew people who were going and I heard we were going to work with campers of all ages, so I figured I’d get experience working with adolescents.

Why did you want to work with children?

In middle school, I became involved with a ministry that worked with inner city adolescents and people from outside of the city. I was one of the “outside the city” kids but I got to know many inner city kids well and I grew to understand their situations. I was like my friends’ counselor. I helped walk them through dealing with depression and anxiety. I was looking to help adolescents from the inner city in this way again.

Where is your favorite place to go off camp?

Bob Evans after church on Sunday because I can get eggs, bacon, and pancakes, and I get to enjoy conversation with everyone.

What has been one of the best things about camp life?

The campers are the best because they think that we’re great. They copy what you do and are fascinated by everything you say. They become like younger siblings in a way. I also love that you sleep really soundly during camp weeks because you push yourself all day.

What is it like working with the other college students? What is the environment like?

The environment is very loving and accepting. Working with the other college students is easy and exciting because of this. It’s like working with your best friend at your job. I’m always excited to work with my co-counselor and see who I get to share a cabin with.

How have you grown since the beginning of the summer?

Before the summer started I was upset I didn’t understand certain passages in the New Testament. But now God has changed my attitude. Before I was not content if I did not understanding everything. Now I am willing to trust that God has the answers and I can be happy even if I don’t understanding everything, but I haven’t given up seeking those answers at the same time. God has shown me He wants to journey through the road to understanding with me.

How has your walk with God changed?

Before I used to only walk by sight and questions shook my world. Now I walk by faith.

In your experience, what is most unique about King’s Domain?

King’s Domain is a place where you are not only free to talk about God, but those conversations are eagerly anticipated and expected. There are no sanctions for talking about God here.

What will you take away from this summer?

I will take away a lot of new experiences and a better knowledge of how to work with kids and share the gospel.

Would you recommend this experience to other people? Why?

Yes, because it will humble them. I know it humbled me. Also, I think working here will help you make sure that you understand what you believe. Not understanding what you believe makes you susceptible to being led astray. But as I learned, sometimes the gap between what you do understand and believe fully and what you don’t can only be bridged by faith.

Zach Times


Bowling Green State University

Graduation year

Spring 2016